Medical Admission Test 2012 - Past & Future

Starting with a small recap from my memory lane. It was 2007 & I was a candidate from M.C. College from Sylhet, a Science only College from where 300 appeared on HSC. Nearly 100 people received A+ (GPA 5) on that exam. Luckily/Unluckily I was not one of them. It was such a complete surprise as I was not that much bad student not to expect a minimum A+, but the fact that I've not got it changed my whole pathway. I was preparing for BUET on pre-result period and as result reviled I've received GPA 4.9 with Chemistry A- (3.5), I can't even try my luck out on BUET admission test failing to buy BUET Admission form for my low score. I was angry and upset with myself. Still as a last resort, I tried myself hard to get a chance on MBBS, though becoming a Doctor was not on my plan. Without any coaching for Medical, I tried my best to prepare for Medical by myself and luckily somehow get myself a chance of becoming one of 2185 from nearly 53000 examinees, not to mention one of 800 first timers.

Comilla Medical College

All on the above paragraph maybe fueled by my little pride on myself, but it can happen to anyone's life when he/she really try to get out a bad situation. Doing bad in one exam doesn't prove that you're not worthy of another chance. And also doing good in one exam doesn't prove you don't need to be tested for another time. Public exams like SSC and HSC can go bad for anyone. Sometimes simply luck doesn't favor at all. But yet admission test gives students a chance to prove that they are really worthy for it.

I get it DGHS & Health Ministry, you're trying to put a hold on coaching business. But if you can make rules about withdrawing Admission test then what is stopping  you to make law about stopping coaching business? So what's in future is waiting for us? Probably excluding 20% bright student, other will be some students with non-creative memory to copy paste notes from private tutors and some students from family with Heavy bank balance who dare to change Board results with it as next generation Medical Students. Our population already hate us enough as Doctors and Medical Students & probably that'll skyrocket up to moon. Being a doctor is not about being a good Student but being a desperate person who will do what ever it takes save his patients & Admission Exam certainly puts a candidate in a test to prove is he/she have guts to get it done; where results of SSC and HSC exams completely fails to focus in this fact.

Instead of pushing problem away, it's just like planning for suicide to get away from it. Without supporting intellectuality, how can you expect a next generation of Good doctors! Maybe our brilliant plan makers will understand that after 20 years, when they will receive their old age treatment from those doctors they wished to give a free pass to Medical education without testing their courage and desperation while lying on their sick beds. 

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vaia final prof dilen? kmn hoise prof?

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