১৩ জুন, ২০১২

Everything that has a Connection with Mind is an Art

Today while listening theme song from Satyamev Jayate, I was thinking about the beauty of the song and how person to person it varies. It's just not about music but everything in our life. Then the question arises within me, if our choices and tastes varies so much that how can we call a thing an absolute art? How to define it. I'm sure many more has already explained it in many ways, but the simplest answer I can get within me is that Art is what our Mind loves, to do, to see, to make and to try.

Music is an art for musician, Imagination is an art for Writer, Photography is an art for photographer. Even simplest thing can be an art if we really find connection with it in our mind. Maybe other people will not consider it as pure art, but sure your mind will agree to consider it. In our classes, Professors from Medicine are used to tell us History taking & Diagnosis is an art. Well, I've agree with them because even a boring thing to other person, can be a challenging one and an art when he really finds pleasure in it. 
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